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Solving a tender challenge about climate change adaptation

This course is about consultancy and it provides practical and theoretical insight into the skills necessary to become a consultant. The course is offered in collaboration with NIRAS and a range of external lecturers teach in the course. A design thinking workshop was facilitated where the students were to develop ideas for solving a tender challenge about climate change adaptation from the Copenhagen Municipality.

The process

Introduction: First the students were introduced to design thinking as a mindset for problem solving and different design thinking/creative methods

Ideation: Each team needed to re-frame the tender challenge to find the right scope for their projects. Then the teams brainstormed on ideas for solving their tender challenge. They also facilitated themselves to develop even more ideas using method instructions given to them by the facilitator.

Afterwards the teams clustered their ideas into themes around their tender challenge on a large sheet to evaluate if they had examined enough ideas. Then for selecting the best idea the teams used dot voting and weighted idea selection.

The workshop was rounded off with final remarks and reflection in plenum.

Handouts of method instructions from the toolbox were tested, where the students facilitated themselves for part of the workshop, which gave new input and interesting perspectives.

Facts and contacts

Name of course: Introduction to Consultancy , IFRO, SCIENCE, UCPH
Course responsible: Carsten Nico Hjortsø and Nina Riis
Participants: 30 students divided into 6 teams
Partners/collaborators: all student teams worked as consultancies solving the same tender challenge about climate change adaptation presented by the Copenhagen Municipality. The course is offered in collaboration with NIRAS consultancy.
Duration: one day workshop
Facilitator: Rikke Kortsen Okholm

  • Build an opportunity room
  • Brainwriting
  • Classic brainstorm
  • Idea clustering
  • Dot voting
  • Weighted idea selection